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Homeworks Insurance – Protect your home while it’s renovated

If you’re carrying out extensive redevelopment work on your house, or you’re building a new home from scratch, then a standard home insurance policy probably won’t provide sufficient cover while the work is taking place – instead, you will need a specialist homeworks insurance policy to keep you and your home protected.

Under a single, seamless policy, you will be covered for the existing building structure, the contract works taking place, and any liability exposure you may have (to members of the public and to the professionals working on your home) for the period of any rebuilding, refurbishment or construction work.

Some contract works will require you to be insured, however some won’t specifically require it. Regardless of this, we believe that all homeowners should be concerned about protecting their property and liability on a “First Party” basis.

Our team of experts understand the very real risks that you could be exposed to if you do not have adequate protection from standard home insurance cover.

By arranging your homeworks insurance through Think you could benefit from:

  • Alternative Accommodation and Loss of Rent
  • Automatic Contract Price Increase
  • Automatic Reinstatement following a Claim
  • Expenses
  • Free Issue Materials
  • Plans and Specifications
  • Pollution Clean-up Costs
  • Plus much more!

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Make sure your home has the right level of insurance cover

Our policies are tailor-made to fit your specific requirements and ensure that you are fully protected against the risks that you either contractually agree to insure, or ought to be concerned about when work is being undertaken on your home.

Alternative Accommodation and Loss of Rent
In the event of damage to your home rendering it uninhabitable you will be covered for additional costs incurred for alternative accommodation and loss of rent due under a rental or lease agreement which you are unable to recover.

Automatic Contract Price Increase
If the contract price is increased above the sum insured for contract works then we will automatically increase it to the required limit (provided that the increase is not more than 25% of the sum insured).

Automatic Reinstatement following a Claim
For an additional premium, you can make sure the amount you receive for your home (should you make a claim) will not be reduced by the amount of any claim.

You will be covered for the cost of expenses incurred for overtime rates of contractors wages and the cost of special delivery of materials to avoid delay in completion of the contract works caused as a direct consequence of insured damage (up to 25% of the final agreed claim before the deduction of the excess).

Free Issue Materials
Our policies can cover you for any damage to free issue materials as long as their value has been included within the sum insured for contract works.

Plans and Specifications
Cover yourself against any damage to plans or specifications of the contract works for which you are legally responsible.

Pollution Clean-up Costs
Our homeworks insurance policy will also cover you against any costs incurred for cleaning-up your land or property which has been damaged by any kind of pollution or contamination occurring at your home following an accident.

Plus much more – get a quote and see exactly what we can cover you for!

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More reasons to choose Think Insurance for your Homeworks insurance:

  • Our specialist homeworks insurance policies are underwritten by some of the leading home insurers in the industry.
  • Our claims helpline is free to call, is available 24 hours a day, and based solely in the UK.
  • We offer a variety of payment options including flexible instalment plans and direct debit facilities.
  • All of our staff are UK based, highly qualified and equipped to deal with your insurance requirements.
  • We run our company along small brokerage lines so can give you and your business the personal focus, attention and level of customer service you deserve.

Get a homeworks insurance quote today and see the difference we can make to you.

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