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Car & Home Insurance for Sports Professionals

Whether you’re a footballer, rugby player, cricketer or athlete, as a professional sportsperson you will be considered by many car insurers as having a high profile occupation, and as such they either won’t cover you, or will charge sky-high premiums to do so.

This is because they perceive sportsmen and women to be a higher risk than other “safer” occupations such as toy maker or airline captain, and if you are involved in a car accident, the resulting personal injury and loss-of-earnings claims from both yourself and any high-profile passengers, could be more substantial.

However at Think we take a very different approach. We fully understand the associated complexities involved in arranging car insurance for sports professionals, and we work with you to arrange a policy offering the most suitable level of cover at the right price. What’s more, we handle all of our clients with an exceptional and discreet level of service.

What's covered by our car insurance for sports professionals?

  • Agreed vehicle value & new car replacement - no arguments about the value of your vehicle if it is written off or stolen and not recovered
  • Choice of repairer - choose where your vehicle is repaired
  • Comparable courtesy car - continue to drive a high standard car whilst yours is undergoing repair related to an insured incident
  • Fully comprehensive cover for driving other cars – added freedom and protection if you need to drive other vehicles
  • Portfolio policies - one policy with one common renewal date helping to reduce your cost and time spent on administration
  • Access to a private client specialist - have an expert manage your policy throughout your time with us

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Prestige Home Insurance for Sports Professionals:

As a professional sportsman or woman, we know that finding home insurance can also prove difficult and costly.

We offer a tailored and highly confidential service for sports professionals and other high profile occupations with significant assets they want to protect. Whether you have a collection of high-spec entertainment equipment, a wardrobe full of designer clothes, or a collection of expensive expensive watches and jewellery, we’ll work hard to find the right cover to meet your requirements.

By arranging your home insurance with us you could benefit from:

  • Worldwide all risks cover on all contents & possessions – cover against theft, loss and damage of your possessions when you temporarily take them away from home
  • UK and overseas properties – domestic and overseas based properties covered, including second homes and holiday homes
  • Cover for properties with a rebuild value of over £500,000 – specialist cover for high value homes
  • Market leading fine art cover – cover for loss in value, death of artist and cover while at the restorers
  • Jewellery & antique collection cover – cover for high value jewellery, antique collections or other valuable possessions
  • Home appraisal service – one of our expert valuers will help you get an accurate picture of the value of your home and property
  • High single article limits – higher than average individual item limits
  • Access to a private client specialist - have an expert manage your policy throughout your time with us

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More reasons for Sports Professionals to choose Think for your Car & Home insurance:

  • Our specialist sports professional car and home insurance policies are underwritten by some of the leading prestige insurers in the industry.
  • Our claims helpline is free to call, is available 24 hours a day, and based solely in the UK.
  • We offer a variety of payment options including flexible instalment plans and direct debit facilities.
  • All of our staff are UK based, highly qualified and equipped to deal with your insurance requirements.
  • We run our company along small brokerage lines so can give you the personal focus, attention and level of customer service you deserve.

Get a professional sportsperson car insurance quote today and see the difference we can make to you.

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